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Laura Heller is the Executive Editor of Fierce’s portfolio of retail publication. She has been reporting on mass-market retail trends and initiatives since 1995 as a reporter for trade magazines, business outlets and Web sites including Forbes and The Week. She began her career covering the retail and consumer electronics industries for leading B2B publications including Discount Store News/Retailing Today, Drug Store News, Grocery Headquarters, Chain Store Age, Consumer Electronics Daily, Home Channel News, License! Global and Shopper Marketing Magazine. She has appeared on national TV and radio programs discussing retail trends including ABC News Now and National Public Radio. Her blog – “The Point of Purchase” -- appears on

Articles by Laura Heller

Charge Anywhere reports data breach

Another data breach affecting shoppers' payment cards has been detected, but this time it's not a retailer but mobile payment platform Charge Anywhere.

Hardware store picks up customers as package pick-up point

Shipping has been a thorn in the side of retailers as delivery debacles disappoint holiday shoppers. But for one retailer, Glenview True Value in Glenview, Illinois, shipping has helped to boost...

Target found negligent in data breach

It's been one year since Target's data breach disrupted the retailer's holiday season, and now a Minnesota District Court has found Target negligent, paving the way for lawsuits as banks and financial institutions potentially seek compensation.

FBI issues malware alert

The FBI has issued an alert warning U.S. businesses of a destructive "wiper" malware attack following the security breach at Sony Pictures Entertainment. The malware overrides all data on hard drives including the master boot record.

Asset management critical to IT security

It's been a year since Target's data breach and retailers are still vulnerable even as the busiest shopping season kicks into high gear, warns security experts largely due to a lack of focus on asset management.

DSW's loss prevention program reduces costs and recidivism

DSW Inc. is incorporating the CEC Restorative Justice Education solution into its Loss Prevention program to handle and reduce petty thefts.

Best Buy site rebuild not yet ready for prime time

Best Buy was plagued with system problems on the all-important Black Friday, causing the retailer to take its website offline twice during the day.

In-store virtual technology gains store space

In-store technology's popularity is on the rise as virtual experiences become more common in the physical setting. Story...