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Amazon Business shows Amazon's true self. Hint: it's not a retailer

With every new business venture and announcement, Amazon reveals more and more about its true self, and it's seeming less and less like a retailer. I've always marveled at the idea that Amazon is fundamentally a retailer. Sure, it sells goods and now services, but at its core, Amazon is a brilliant technology company—one built on code, efficiency and robotics.

Google offers retailers free fashion trend reports

Google has begun preparing fashion trend analysis reports and offering them free of charge to retailers. The company is attempting to leverage its 6 billion fashion-related searches in an attempt to grow beyond its search engine and advertising platform to become more influential in e-commerce and fashion.

Apple Pay on a roll, signs Best Buy, Discover

Apple Pay continued to make major inroads into the retail payments ecosystem this week, landing a major retail chain and the last holdout of the card provider networks. Best Buy and Discover are now in the fold.

Kroger buys dunnhumbyUSA assets, launches new data company

Kroger is acquiring assets from dunnhumbyUSA and forming a new consumer insights company to be called 84.51° that will operate with those assets as a foundation. The deal is effective immediately.

Visa won't budge on fraud liability shift deadline

Visa has no intention of extending the October fraud liability shift deadline for EMV chip cards. The credit and debit card network will continue its rollout plan for EMV even though a majority of retailers and some banks won't be ready for it in October. That's when retailers or banks will assume liability for fraudulent card use depending on who is least prepared to accept the EMV chip cards.


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Twitter updated the appearance of promoted tweets this week, removing the yellow badge that once made the paid advertisements stand out from the rest of the newsfeed.


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