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  • 5 Questions chief data officers must answer for effective results

    As CPG and retail leaders begin to fully embrace the importance of investing in big data analytics, they're recruiting leaders to pioneer these initiatives in their organizations. But how can executives be sure that the leaders they hire will set them on the right path?

UPS' holiday plan is better than last year's plan

UPS has a plan to increase capacity, speed process and complete deliveries in advance of the upcoming holiday season.

RILA appoints Nicholas Ahrens VP of privacy and cybersecurity

The Retail Industry Leaders Association announced the hiring of Nicholas Ahrens as VP of privacy and cybersecurity in a Sept. 11 statement.

Home Depot and Target hacks the work of different groups

There's new information to suggest that the groups behind the Home Depot and Target data breaches were not the same.

Macy's unveils omnichannel initiatives and new technology

Macy's is heading into the holiday season with several new omnichannel initiatives, including several new mobile components and tests. 

Walmart says no to Apple Pay

Since Apple announced the launch of virtual payment platform Apple Pay Sept. 9, brands have already signed on to use it, but Walmart wasn't interested in the new payment platform.


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YouTube has added real-time reporting analytics, including minute-by-minute data.


Twitter for iPhone has been updated with a fresh design, profiles that focus on users' bios, Tweets and photos, and features for the new iOS 8. The new profiles will be available for everyone using iOS 7 or above.