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  • New payment technologies are DOA? Not so fast

      Apple Pay is dead on arrival. Samsung  Pay is delayed. CurrentC won't even get  that far. EMV has negative ROI. Those are just a few of the story lines of the past few weeks. All seem to ignore one important point: this is very new stuff.


EMV update: 75% of retailers to miss October deadline

New research is out that shows 75 percent of retailers will not be in compliance with EMV chip cards by the October liability shift deadline, which is now three months away. This percentage is higher than in previous studies and comes shortly after the publication of a white paper from the EMV Migration Forum explaining the liability shift.

In-store key to Home Depot's $1B e-commerce growth

Home Depot's $1 billion growth in online sales last year—totaling $3.5 billion on the Web—was largely due to the home improvement chain's effective use of its stores.

RFID enables retailers to control inventory of complex categories

Item-level radio frequency identification tags used for inventory control can deliver significant revenue uplift and double-digit return on investment depending on the category in which they are used.

Walmart seeks 50% faster scan times with invisible barcodes

Walmart is testing a new invisible barcode technology that could speed up the checkout process by 50 percent and help eliminate long lines.

Mobile devices replace POS terminals at checkout counters

Mobile point-of-sale systems are intended to roam free, meeting and checking out customers wherever they may be, but many merchants are anchoring the devices to the counter as a replacement for traditional POS terminals.


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Yahoo has added a Smart Stream to its Aviate launcher for Android phones, a Google Now-like feature that provides personalized content to users based on their activity throughout the day.


Mergers and acquisitions in the media and marketing sectors totaled $53.7 billion in the first half of the year, down almost 5 percent from the same period last year, according to the Jordan Edmiston Group. The news came even as the volume of transactions in the sector increased by more than 4 percent.