50% of retailers not prepared for EMV migration

With just nine months until the deadline, more than half of all retailers are still not prepared for EMV migration, according to a new survey by ACI Worldwide. ACI polled attendees at NRF's Big Show earlier this month and discovered that roughly one-quarter are not ready for chip-and-PIN technology, despite the October deadline.

90% of data breaches were preventable

Nearly 90 percent of data breaches could have been easily prevented. That's the results of a new report from the Online Trust Alliance (OTA). Its 2015 Data Protection Best Practices and Risk Assessment Guide analyzed more than a thousand breaches involving the loss of personally identifiable information in 2014, and found that only 40 percent were the result of external intrusions.

Overstock to create original streaming content

Retail has always evolved, from the days of the general store to catalog operators, mass merchants and category killers. Now it seems that entertainment provider and original content creator is also part of the merchandise assortment as more retailers try to emulate Amazon and it's Prime Instant Video service.

Online retailer Overstock plans to join Amazon as a provider of streaming services with the launch of a tiered subscription service of its own.

53% of retailers to implement a unified commerce platform

More than half—53 percent—of retail business and technology executives plan to implement a unified commerce platform in the next few years, up from 50 percent in 2014. Looking ahead a decade, 86 percent of retailers plan to have a unified commerce platform.


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Facebook has introduced a tool designed to help marketers determine whether their advertising on the platform is driving people to buy their products or services.


Online e-commerce giant Alibaba is facing criticism from the Chinese government over the sale of fake goods. The country's Administration for Industry and Commerce issued a report encouraging Alibaba to clean up its act. The report stated that the company is risking its credibility by not rectifying the sale of these products on and Taobao Marketplace.