Editor's Corner

Retailers adopt proven strategies to curb POS breaches

Security breaches at the point-of-sale don't just impact business operations and customer loyalty, they strike an expensive and damaging blow to an retailer's bottom line.


Charming Charlie grows sales with online digital gift cards

As part of its effort to establish a consistent omnichannel shopping experience, fashion accessories retailer Charming Charlie implemented an e-commerce digital gift card platform to improve customer engagement and increase sales.


The importance of pushing back the EMV fraud liability shift deadline

As the payment wars between retailers and credit card issuers rage on, both sides would be well served if the EMV October fraud liability shift deadline were pushed back, because neither group is fully prepared to meet it. The dispute has been brewing for months and stems in no small part from the long and bloody conflict over card interchange fees. There's no love lost between retailers and their banking partners.

Costco slashes credit card fees to near nothing

Costco Wholesale Corp. has accomplished something other retailers only dream of. It has reduced its credit card acceptance costs to almost nothing.

Profits elusive in omnichannel retailing

Retailers and consumer packaged goods manufacturers are spending great sums of money, energy and time on their omnichannel sales operations, but only 16 percent of companies said they can fulfill omnichannel demand profitably.


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