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  • Is RFID our best bad idea for in-store fulfillment?

    The role of the store is changing in the new omnichannel order, but the technology needed to fuel it is still underutilized. Case in point, RFID and in-store fulfillment for online orders. It's the most popular feature being made available for online orders, and the most perplexing for retailers.

Kohl's CIO Janet Schalk: Out with the legacy systems and in with the new

Kohl's broke new ground as a retailer in the 1990s creating a kind of streamlined department store. The chain is now reinventing itself for the digital age following a re-evaluation of its merchandise mix and needed the systems to support the shift.

Industry group issues engagement, data privacy guidelines

New guidelines on consumer engagement and data privacy have been issued by the Consumer Goods Forum. The "Consumer Engagement Principles" were developed to promote data privacy and build greater consumer trust. 

Real-time POS integrates systems for Levines

Levines Department Stores in the Dallas area has replaced an old, problematic POS system with a single-source real-time POS solution, reported Integrated Solutions for Retailers.

Apple Pay fraud 'rampant' says payments expert

Could security issues stall mobile payments just as they are getting off the ground? Fraud is "rampant" on Apple Pay, according to Cherian Abraham, mobile commerce and payments lead specialist at Experian Global Consulting, who reported the issue on his "Drop Labs" blog.

Study cites 3 keys to updating supply chain for omnichannel success

Getting goods from point A to point B in an omnichannel environment has become a daunting challenge for retailers. They recognize the complexity and are investing to keep pace, but most still rely on outdated tools and ineffective processes to manage the end-to-end value chain.


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Instagram is now giving advertisers the ability to link to their brand's mobile site. The functionality is available with the new ad unit, Carousel ads, that the photo-sharing site debuted this week. 


Apple may still be boss when it comes to selling phones, but as far as mobile marketers are concerned Samsung is the new king. According to a new study, the Korean mobile company has officially overtaken Apple in ad impressions.