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Leveling the Playing Field: Leveraging Brick and Mortar Advantages to Compete with eCommerce
Frost & Sullivan

Brick and mortar retailers have always been about personal interaction; and people will pay to get it. However, in today’s hypercompetitive retail market, providing the personal touch cannot be done cost-effectively when a consumer can decide to shop at any one of many store locations. To deliver a personal shopping experience, cutting edge technology is required; yet, attempting to implement such technology on a single solution basis will guarantee a less than economical outcome. Download now to read more

Moving Large Video Files Into and Out of the Cloud

As media and entertainment (M&E) companies begin to embrace the cloud, they face unique technical challenges, particularly when it comes to moving large media files into and out of public cloud platforms. Regardless of how much bandwidth is available, network bottlenecks always slow things down. See a solution that provides accelerated transfers to and from the customer’s existing cloud object storage tenancy in this eBrief. Download it now!

Transforming IT to Support Digital Business Transformation
AT&T Business

Digital transformation, including the business and technology changes brought on by mobile first, social, videos, and big data, is forcing organizations in every industry to rethink their strategy for keeping technology infrastructure up-to-date, remaining competitive, and delivering on new opportunities. While these changes are exciting, they come with challenges to networks. Learn how digital transformation is changing the way enterprises do business. Download it now!

Evolving the Customer Care Paradigm
Now Available On-Demand | LogMeIn

Operators across the spectrum are toying with new techniques to handle customer concerns and complaints. From social networking interactions to self-care services, service providers continue to experiment with customer service options that may be cheaper and more effective than standard, expensive call center systems. But how are these efforts playing out? And will call centers eventually fade away? Register Now!