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Retail IT leaders read StorefrontBacktalk for one reason: it consistently tells them what they didn’t know and surprises them with information not available anywhere else. Whether it’s mobile payment fiascos, PCI security changes, E-Commerce hiccups at your largest rivals or new CRM legal hurdles you now need to clear, StorefrontBacktalk lets you know first. And it will be in your Inbox every Thursday.





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  • Strategic Topics, Straight Talk.
    StorefrontBacktalk is a fun read because it’s a jargon-free, hype-free community. If you like your punches thrown and not pulled, this is for you.

  • Expert Columnists. StorefrontBacktalk’s legal columnist headed the Justice Department’s high-tech crimes group.

  • We Respect Your Time. We cut to the chase, telling you why it impacts you and what your response options are. We ask the hard questions that you’d want to ask if you had more time.

  • Learn From Your Rivals. StorefrontBacktalk writes about what your largest competitors are doing, things they’d rather you not know about. It’s specific enough to be news you can use. That may take a lot more time to report, but if it’s not specific enough for your team, what’s the point?



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