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Walmart considers online price matching

Walmart is testing a program to match online prices in an effort to compete in the cutthroat holiday shopping season. introduces card-linked offers has unveiled its latest version of the Brandcaster program, a free, self-service publishing platform that enables retailers to offer customers digital coupons. New to the program is a card-linked platform that allows digital coupons to be added directly to users' credit or debit cards.

Drugstore chains drive retail clinic growth

Drugstore chains are helping the steady growth of retail health clinics in the United States. According to Kalorama Information, retail clinic growth was at a standstill due to the economic downturn, but that vastly changed in 2013 and 2014, as the number of clinics reached 1,600.

Boohoo opens first pop-up in the US

Boohoo announced it will open its first pop-up store in SoHo. The apparel retailer, similar to Forever 21 and Zara, stands to be successful in the world of fast—or in the case of Boohoo, very fast—fashion in the United States.

MCX says consumer data safe; will not fine merchants for breaking exclusivity

MCX has announced that consumer data was safe and that the CurrentC app itself had not been penetrated in its hack. In addition, it stressed that retailers were free to leave the collaboration and payment platform at any time.