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  • Data breaches: Will retailers step-up their game?

    My eyes skim the headlines of what has become commonplace: another data breach at another retailer, customer information stolen by hackers. As a reporter and concerned citizen, I wonder how many more retailers will be hit. But as a consumer, I'm frankly not that concerned…yet.

Ikea pushing e-commerce growth

Ikea, the world's largest furniture chain, is pushing for sales growth, primarily through its online channel. The retailer wants to make the shopping experience more convenient and respond to the increasing use of smartphones and tablets to research and buy products.

Dash's Market launches click-and-collect

Dash's Market, a four-store grocery chain in western New York, will soon be offering click-and-collect grocery pickup to its customers.

Meijer rolls out ready-to-go meal options

The Meijer supermarket chain has rolled out a new omnichannel initiative that features an everyday meal line. The Ready! for You program will be available in each of the 213 Meijer stores at specially marked branded displays.

Newegg launches subscription service

Online retailer Newegg announced the launch of a new subscription service for frequently ordered products and supplies. Subscriptions are available for household, automotive and technology products in more than a dozen categories and new products will be added continuously.

44% of US shoppers combine online and in-person shopping

Shopping and completing a transaction through more than one retail channel is gaining popularity among consumers. Looking at 15 product and service categories, 44 percent of U.S. shoppers combined online and in-person shopping activities, up 7 percent from 2013.


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Google is reimagining email. The company announced the launch of Inbox, an Android app that unites email with other communications, including reminders, bundles similar email messages and draws attention to important messages.


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